Girlfriend side story


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Hi boy you must be wondering why I did not call you boyfriend well I got to get something out of my chest I think we should see other people not to get you angry but I don’t want to see you anymore so yea this is a break up email please don’t get all mad at me you know I should not be sorry for my self you should feel sorry your the one who made me do this cause you don’t trust me you think im dating another guy you get sooooo jealous when I talk to another guy and one big reason you made me do this is some guy in my facebook friends list just leaves a commet that I look so hot in the outfit in my facebook picture and you think im dating that guy its just a stupid commet I will never cheat on you like that and when other girls talk to you I don’t get all jealous but you really cross the line when you broke in to my facebook account and snoop around my messages and friends and guess what you found nothing no proof of that im cheating on you so if you don’t trust me than we are over bye.

Breaking in boyfriend story


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Hi girlfriend I know what i did is so wrong please can you forgive me I wont bother you again is that your a good looking girl and I get worried if any other boy is checking you out and you always like to chat with other boys on facebook and they leave very flirty commets that leaves to other flirty commets that get me worried so im so sorry please forgive me and I will never break in to your facebook account so please forgive me I do anything you want if you want me to stop bothering you then i stop so please just don’t break up with me forgive me.


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g questions:

1. Which answer did you pick first? Why?
1.The answer i chose first was a break in to her page not just the reaction i wanted to see what he would do and why and how will his girlfriend feel afther she found out that her boyfreind broke in to her page and what would she do.
2. Can you think of other things that people do online that they wouldn’t normally do in person? Give examples.
2.People mostly do lots of things online for example a person will take a picture of there private part a poist it on facebook that everyone will see and start making fun of he or she that took the picture of the private part that person would feel like doing sucide.
3. How important is your privacy online? Do you care if your friends know your passwords? If you have one, do you let anyone view your Facebook pages? Explain.
3.No i dont personally do any of those stuff online and yes i do care if freinds knew my password cause i dont like people looking through my stuff i dont like people snooping around at my facebook page.

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